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It is important to make a will with the assistance of professional expertise from a solicitor who can ensure that your will meets all your requirements concerning provision to be made out of your estate after you die. Knowing that all issues concerning your will have been properly addressed and that your will meets with the formalities required will give you peace of mind. We would be very pleased to advise and guide you. We would make an appointment to see you at these offices (or in some cases we can arrange a home visit) at which we would take instructions from you as to how you would like your estate to be distributed in the event of your death. After our appointment, we would then work upon a draft of your proposed will which we would send to you for approval and a further appointment would be made for you to execute your will at these offices in accordance with the provisions of the Wills Act. Our charging rate for straightforward wills can range from approximately £70 to £100 plus VAT. Standard wills involving the necessity of a trust and inheritance tax considerations, mutual wills of husband and wife and other types of wills would be charged at a higher rate. Upon receiving your enquiry, we would endeavour to provide you with a fair estimate of the likely charges involved if you instruct us in the preparation of your will.

Probate and Administration

The firm is experienced in dealing with many and varied estates over the years and we can act promptly on behalf of Executors and Administrators in taking all required steps to apply for a Grant of Probate (where there is a will)/or Letters of Administration (where there is no will) and so as to deal with all administrative matters (including completion of the Inland Revenue account where appropriate). We aim to provide a complete service so as to minimise any delays in the winding up of the estate and distribution of the net estate to those who are entitled. Our charges are calculated by reference to the time spent by the person dealing with the matter. At the present time our firmís charges are at the rate of £170 per hour.

Probate disputes

We can provide advice and representation in disputes concerning a deceasedís will and if it was properly and validly executed or if there is any issue as to the testatorís mental capacity or undue influence or mistake or if there is any dispute between the Executors of the will and the beneficiaries arising from administration of the deceasedís estate. Further if the will has not made reasonable provision for certain categories of dependants, a claim can be made against the estate under the Inheritance Act and we can advise on rights to pursue a claim.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Property and Affairs LPA and Personal Welfare LPA

If you wish to appoint or give your Attorney the right to make decisions on your behalf about financial and property matters or in relation to any matter concerning your personal welfare, we can assist you with preparation of all the necessary documentation that is now required and with the registration process. We can arrange a home visit if required. We can also advise you on any applications to be made to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a Receiver in appropriate cases.

Upon receiving details of your matter, we would provide you with fullest information of our firmís charges and the expenditure items that will be payable.

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